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2002 rt shift drum 4.151


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Rainy cold day, working on my spare Trans.

The shift drum has the number 4.151 stamped on the end and IS the original. I heard there was an "improved/updated" drum.

Question is: Does anyone have knowledge on this matter.PO said it was getting stuck in 2nd, which would also explain the bent 1-2 shift fork.

PS, I wish i had the cash to send this thing to an expert/Anton.

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Afternoon Twinsig


I looked in my service bulletins & couldn't find anything on the shift drum but there was a service bulletin on installing an updated shift shaft assembly (#23 31 7 675 374) to cure shifting issues.


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Hmm, I'll check with my local Mech, he offered to take a look.

Ill Post any relavent info. It certain the shift fork IS a problem, and makes sense it might get pounded on if sticking in 2nd.

Thanks for checking dr. Dirt!

Will also check that shaft assy.

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