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Paging Elmer Fudd !!!


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Rabbits are multiplying well, like rabbits in my yard. :mad:

Eating our small bushes ,trees,etc. My dog is on a electric fence so has limits to chase them and I can't shoot them anymore as too many joggers , kids , dog walkers etc, at all times of the day and nite. Besides my 308 is a little big for the job. :grin:

I see lots of live traps for sale but do they really work ?? Any one better than another?? Hassenpfeffer anyone. :rofl:


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Danny caddyshack Noonan

Take up skeet shooting and then adapt this for those pesky wabbits!



Note that this cannot be used in California without converting it to a Lead-Free design (whatever that might be). Humor Context: For those who don't know, we banned all hunting ammo that contains lead. So you have to use what the Feds sometimes consider "armor piercing".

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I have not used Fox urine to scare away critters, but I have used it as a cover scent. Prey animals don't seem to be put off by it at least not the one's I've observed. I have deer problems eating my young sugar Maples. I spray with a deer repellent that contain cayenne pepper-critters don't come back for a nibble after the 1st encounter. You need to periodically renew it.

If that doesn't work I can tell you that a .177 or .22 air gun with a pointed pellet traveling 1100+ fps does the job and quietly. Waskally wabbits.

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Ah, the Rodenator,yes but some are hidding under the front stoop.

I could just see launching a big slab of concrete into the street.

'Honest Officer I have no idea how that got there" :rofl:

Used to have a few hawks and one big owl around here before but they got all the rabbits,squirrels and moved on.

My air rifles are too loud, sound like I dropped the lid of the webber off the roof. :grin:

Nobody trap them sucessfully ??

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I live in the Conejo Valley.

Conejo is Spanish for rabbit so rabbits are a given.


About 2 Easters ago, Bugs ....




showed up in the front yard.

Eventually he made his way to the backyard.

What I've noticed is that the native rabbits are no longer around.


I figure he's chased them off.

It's a lot easier to deal with one big bully then a pack of smaller natives.

I offer him yard trimmings as well as veggie scraps and an occasional carrot.


The garden gets protected with chicken wire so he does little lasting damage to the yards.


Thus far he's avoided the coyotes, hawk's, & owl's.

My wife seems to think that the birds of prey don't know what he is as the native Bunny's are brown and smaller.

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.17 HMR with a suppressor ;) !


A silenced varmint rifle is exactly what I was going to suggest. :)


Having said that I cannot offer any "sound" advice because many years ago I've started keeping terriers and allowing them to roam the garden at will and I am the only one in the area with no vermin issues.


Having said that, you can probably set up some traps for the connies. They are not exactly smart and they work well on them. There are both humane and lethal traps available, check with your local legislating body to see which traps you can use.

Use tomato or watermelon as a lure and they will fall for it each and every time.

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WE have had HORRIBLE cotton tail issues for a few years. My wife got me a Gamo Whisper quiet .177 caliber pellet gun e couple years ago and magically our bunny issue have all bit disappeared!! Havin a 14yo sniper in the family helps too!! Little bastages don't stand a chance



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Yes most traps will work. The inhumane ones are not worth using. The live capture traps need to be baited and checked every day then you need to drive somewhere more than a mile away to let the rabbit out. In any case this will take some time if you have a lot of rabbits. They do make air rifles now that are humane, fairly quiet, and safe IF you are a good shot. Rabbits are most active early in the morning so there should not be a lot of people out. If you vote for kill traps they do make a model that crushes the head neck chest for fairly clean kills. If you buy about 4 you can solve your problem fairly fast. Remember they will also kill small pets! The live traps should be easy to test. Just set them up in the store and activate the pressure plate with a pencil. Then make sure to get one sized for the rabbit or bigger. Remember kids like to stick their noses and fingers into everything. Farm and Home stores usually have traps or you can mail order. By the way do not try to pet the cute bunnies they have teeth and claws. Tularemia (rabbit fever) is a remote possibility if blood gets on you. THe live traps that are wire mesh seem to work better.

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A .22 caliber rifle and a box of CCI .22CB Shorts will do the trick. Often referred to as urban varmint rounds these little .22 rounds are no louder than an air rifle and pack a punch on small critters at close range. My neighbor and I tested these on a 2x4 in my garage before using them to eliminate a possum problem. They did not penetrate a 2x4 in the 1 1/2" dimension and my wife and daughter watching TV in the house were unaware of our testing.


In my opinion, these are quieter in a bolt action rifle than any suppressed varmint round, are extremely accurate at short range, and inexpensive.



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Take up skeet shooting and then adapt this for those pesky wabbits!



Note that this cannot be used in California without converting it to a Lead-Free design (whatever that might be). Humor Context: For those who don't know, we banned all hunting ammo that contains lead. So you have to use what the Feds sometimes consider "armor piercing".


The flinger is strictly bush league compared to

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After careful consideration I followed the recomendations of death by lead posioning. :thumbsup: Got two at nite when we had a full moon and snow cover. The 3d one ,aka "Junior", for it's small size was harder. All I had to do was touch the window crank and it was gone!! This went on for weeks.

This morning I let Bella, my GSD, out at 5:30 am and she started her guard dog bark. Loud and often, wouldn't stop till I called her in. After the sun came up I found the remains of "Junior" on top of 3' of ice and snow on my patio. :P Found a small snow cave he had dug right next to the wall and lots of Coyote tracks around it.

We were gone for 5 days with the dog so "Junior" had moved in.

Mr Coyote got the job done. :clap: More rabbits will fill the area.

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You are wasting your money on a suppressor on a 17HMR or any other weapon which shoots projectiles faster than the speed of sound. There are two noises to shooting, the gun and the bullet. You can suppress the noise of the gun, but cannot suppress the crack of the bullet breaking the sound barrier.

I like the biological (coyote) method. So very holistic.

A good pellet rifle will do the trick. Mine shoots a 20 cal at about 900 fps. Most any good 177 cal will also do the trick on cottontails. Not so good on black tail jacks though.

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