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1100RT gear indicator shaft leaking


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Hey Guys, I'm trying to repair a leaky transmission on the gear shift shaft. I cant seem to get a clear pic or diagram on where the stinking seal is at. Is it on the inside or outside of the trans? As far as i can see on the outside its just a bearing and then the switches get mounted, don't see a seal anywhere so Im guessing its installed from the inside? I was hoping it was just a oring that went bad around the neutral light switch but after replacing that it still leaks. Any help would be great, thanks!

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Morning KER


Are you talking about the SELECTOR DRUM? The shift shaft is where the foot shifter link lever attaches to the trans shift lever.


By talking neutral light switch it sort of sounds like you are talking about the selector drum where it sticks out the rear of the trans.


I haven't had the 1100 trans apart is long time now but if I remember correctly the seal is in the neutral switch not the trans. I believe there is a seal in the front of the switch with an "O" ring then sealing the switch to the trans.


I don't think that seal is replaceable so you might try using some transmission seal conditioner (seal swell) on a Q-tip then painting the seal lips & allowing to sit for a couple of days. Then paint the "O" ring & the seal lips again then reassemble. (or replace the neutral switch)


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After reading the service manual about a dozen times, I finally realized why I couldn't find the old seal to replace! Old seal was still in the neutral switch I replaced a month ago. Luckily I had a new seal and o-ring on hand to install. Slipped the new seal into the switch and reinstalled.......bam! No more leak, won't be making that mistake next time.

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