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Beemer Salute?

Fred C.

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Hi ho; someone just asked whether I have yet experienced the "Beemer Rider Salute". I asked what that was, and he replied numerous times he has seen BMW riders meeting a BMW traveling the opposite direction give each other the 'one finger salute' as they pass. Now, I am well familiar with being ignored by the HD Pirates I meet out and about but haven't heard of this supposed BMW gesture of filial affection. Is this a common occurrence?

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Hmmm. :S

Apparently I've been doing the geek wave all these years. Seems a lot easier than dropping my hand below the bar and pointing down, always thought that was a warning that my tire pressures were low.

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Fred, the one finger salute has been a departure wave of my Team Sardine & Speed Crazed Riders Of The Ultimate Motorcycles riding associates since the early 90's. We found that the departure of friends needed a special sign equal to the task of ending the bonding experience of a ride together. It also makes more sense that most of these friends are Canadian , eh? :grin: In my case not motorcycle brand dependant as I've used it for its' intended purpose riding a Moto Guzzi, Triumph and a BMW. :wave:

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Jumping from bike to bike I'm usually too busy trying to remember where the darn turn signal switch(s) is. By then it's too late to wave :dopeslap:

I usually just one finger salute German engineering.

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I believe this would be the appropriate BMW rider-to-rider salute.







Seems difficult to pull off with gloves..especially in Winter.

Unless you pull off the gloves first....


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Well, I am informed... Not elucidated, mind, since the conclusions, like water poured on the top of a motorcycle gas tank, seem to flow in all directions. But informed is better than ignorant, I suppose.


I see I have been presenting something similar to the "Mommy" wave for some years. I customarily raise my left hand edge to the front, in front of the shoulder, forearm vertical, and hold it as I pass an oncoming rider. Lots of folks make some sort of acknowledgement, or stare at me. Before reading the secret of the five responses I thought they were just trying to figure out what is the motorcycle with the Vee Twin mounted sideways!

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Nando. I thought our old friend Gleno said the "Shocker" was the Beemer salute. But then, I could be wrong! :dopeslap: He did have a way about him.


I think The Shocker was the Gleno salute, whether he was on his Beemer, his FJR, or his Gixxer.

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Hmmm... different countries means different signs, so I'd better be careful if I ever come to the US.


Around here the code is a bit different:


1)The "geek" salute is the standard salute.

2)The "two fingered" salute is that usually given by either newbies or people riding sportsbikes which put a lot of weight on the arms.

3)"Patting the air" means there's a hazard of some sort ahead: an accident, a mobile speed camera etc

4)Flashing the headlights followed by pointing towards the ground means the road ahead is slipper because of gravel, oil etc.

5)When overtaking another bike, it's good manner to hang a foot down as a salute. I am actually proud to have introduced this in my area, as I picked it up in France, where it's common.


Saluting is a dying custom here, sadly, and these days it's mostly sportsbike riders (a dying breed themselves) using it. BMW and H-D riders are the worst offenders, as they flat out refuse to salute even their own kind. As a longtime sportsbike rider, I make a point of using it each time I go out... after all many many moons ago, first time I rode on the open roads the first salute I got was from a BMW rider. ;)

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Now you tell me, after a 29 hiatus I discovered quickly that the left fist held vertically at a perpendicular angle to the upper arm was out of style. Boy did I feel dumb.


I would also offer the "showing of the neck" as a valid greeting. In this scenario the receiver is down-shifting or maneuvering through a tricky surface and the only acknowledgement possible is an upward lifting of the head with a slight sideways tilt, in effect, showing your neck.

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To my grandkids, I am fondly referred to as the head nerd of the family so the geek salute that has been with me for a long, long time is the correct one. I cant get used to the "too cool" peace sign below the handle bars.

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Being a BMW uber noob and it being down right frigid here in Nevada I have only had one other guy even on a bike. With my trusty old KLR I have received MANY 1 finger salutes as well as being pushed off the highway a couple of times and even spit at once!! Mind you, all of the have been the weekend warriors on the HD's!! I't not like the KLR is any kind of a threat!!




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Good timing:


I tried some out on "the BIG SCREEN" at Torrey. (the thing is like a Drive In Movie screen)



And then we all gave it a shot to see which one looked best.




The results, unfortunately, were inconclusive.



Looks to me like the guys in the back row weren't interested in giving anyone a sign. :rofl:


Boy, talk about lining up the usual suspects. :wave:


And even more surprising is who's glass isn't empty.

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The pistol is on the wrong side.


Not necessarily. One can learn to shoot well with either hand, and having it on the left permits twisting the throttle while banging away with the clutch hand. It does look rather insecure in that pocket. As though a good chuckhole or hard swerve while passing through some soft sand could pitch it right out of there onto the passing scene. That'd be a big Oops!

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Cops are trained to shoot with both strong and weak hands.


I am sure they are. I am not a cop, although I taught my self to switch hit in baseball and could actually hit better percentage lefty, but that is because my right eye is dominant. Shooting left handed wouldn't have the same advantage, for me. May be putting the throttle on the left side would be more productive. :)

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