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Buying A 2007 RT-P...Questions


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Not really sure where I'm going with this, but I have come across a 2007 1200RT-P. It was purchased directly from an agency in California. The seller bought it in October, hasn't gone in to transfer title. I have seen the signed over title, all legit. Also ran the VIN on the DMV website..looks to be about $120 in penalties. Any of you have experience in registering vehicles bought from a Government agency? This will be my second RT-P...loved the first one, always on the look out for a replacement. Any help would be appreciated!

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its just like any other vehicle purchase. As long as the title has been signed by the original seller (agency), just put your info on it and take it in. Pay whatever penalties that are due on it and they will give you new plates for it (since they were never issued). I purchased one on ebay with the same deal. Seller originally bought it a police auction, and title was never transferred before being sold. No problem at all.

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