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I want to attend the Classic TT at the end of next summer, but I don't know where to start. I've traded emails with another board member who went to IoM. However, he went there through a tour, which will probably not work for me.


So, to anyone who has been to IoM, I have a few questions.


Did you fly into London or a different airport?

What are your lodging recommendations on IoM?

How did you handle transportation?

Did you buy tickets online?


Thanks for any help/advice that you can provide.



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Good post, I've talked about doing this one for a few years now & also interested in any suggestions by those folks that have already done this one.

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Before we were married, I asked my wife if we could spend our hypothetical honeymoon at the IoM TT. She said yes.


It was just a test question, and she passed with flying colors, 28 years ago.


Have a nice trip.


I'd fly to LHR or Gatwick and take British Rail to Douglas, which is about $150 RT.

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Fist of all, accommodation on the Island fills up _FAST_, book soon or you could be too late.

The best place to stay is Douglas, as this is the hub of the weeks events. That said, it is a small island and there are no speed limits outside the towns and villages...


You could fly into Manchester from LA, or Gatwick from a lot of places. A transfer is available to Ronaldsway Airport IoM. This again will fill up fast.


Manchester is about the nearest airport to the ferry ports at Heysham, Liverpool or Birkenhead. Another option is to fly into Dublin and get the ferry or fly from there.


There is car rental available on the IoM or in England/Ireland to take the ferry - which is one of the most expensive per mile in the world.


Rail travel in the UK is fast, comfortable and well used - but you will only get as far as the ferry ports.


Bike rental is available but is high-cost.


Most of all, enjoy the experience.




Isle of Man steam Packet timetables

IoM visitor information

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It appears I waited too long to get lodging. I'll try finding a room for 2015. Of course, those may be already booked, too.





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If you are OK with camping, then there are a lot of campsites on the Island. Cheap camping gear can be bought here and left on the site on leaving. There is also a tent-hotel in Douglas and a regular 'unofficial campsite at Sulby, with the local leisure centre facilities being pressed into use for the cost of a swim session.



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I am sorry I do not know - it would almost certainly be beyond my resources. I do know that many residents leave the Island for the fortnight, but I do not know about leasing the property.



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I'm headed over next month for the TT 2014 races and would be glad to discuss details with you or bring back recon material. Shoot me a PM if you want.


Here's the summary of my last trip in 2011.



This time we're flying into Dublin to meet friends, then flying to the Isle and renting bikes there. We changed houses since this trip doubled the people going, otherwise would have gone back to Ramsey again. And we locked down the rental 11 months before the races.


Last trip we talked with a marshal from the USA who goes to both events. His method is to fly into London, spend the night and then fly to Manx the following day -- and reverses that on the return. Said it minimizes missed flights and makes for an easier trip. While in Manx he rents a room in Douglas; said it's not a B&B but they treat him like family.

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