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Wiring advice needed


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I'm posting this here instead of in "Non R/K bikes" because it is a generic sort of question that doesn't apply specifically to any particular machine.


I've got a set of Hella LED lights on the F650 GS/Dakar and want to run them with a PIAA switch. (The Hella switch wasn't waterproof.) PIAA lights and switches come with plug-and-play connectors, and the Hella lights just have the black and white wires for connection.


I CAN NOT figure out how to get this thing wired in, so I'm hoping some of you geniuses out there can help me.


I'm taking power off a fuze box I installed and I've run the black wires from the lights to a ground on the frame.


From what I understand (from what little I understand from a wiring diagram I got off the web) the following applies to the relay:

85 terminal goes to the neg. term. on the battery (It can just go to ground, can't it?)

86 terminal goes to the black wire out of the switch

30 terminal goes to power

87 terminal goes to the power lead to the lights


But I'm confused as to which color wires get connected where from the switch. The switch has three wires: white, black, and red. I think the black goes to ground. The white to ... where?


The red, I believe, is the power input to the switch.


Or am I completely off-base?

AND, do I really need to run these lights through a relay? They are LED and only suck up half what a set of incandescents use.

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Without having the components on the bench to figure out with a Multi-meter what is what, it is almost impossible to help.

Manufactures use different color codes.

If the switch is only two position, I'm guessing it is lighted.

You have the correct connections for the relay listed.

Use the relay to be safe.

All you really need to do is test the switch with any continuity tester, door bell with a battery, or multi meter and find out which two wires are open in one position and closed in the other, and there you have it.

The feed should be fused from the LOAD side of the fuse box, not LINE.

Maybe this will help.

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30 does connect to the constant 12 volts.

87 does go to the lights

85 and 86 - one has to get 12v and one has to go to ground. It doesn't really matter. If you ground either one and put 12 volts to the other the relay coil will operate. But for simplicity sake in our discussion 85 will be the one to get the ground.


There are two ways to activate the relay.

1. Give a constant 12v to 86 and use the switch to provide a ground to 85.

2. Give 85 a constant ground and use the switch to provide 12v to 86.


It doesn't matter UNLESS... the switch you are using also contains a light. If there is a light on or associated with the switch, you'll have to figure out if the switch is providing a negative or a positive to activate the light.


If you can tell me which switch or show it to me online I can provide specifics.

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Thanks, guys. That does help. The switch does have an indicator LED, hence the three wires, white, black, and red. I'll do some fiddling with the multimeter and let you know what I find out.

Eddd, if you can PM me with your email I can take a pic of the switch and send it to you.

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