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Brake Caliper issues


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I'm not sure if this is the right place to discuss this, but....

I decided to flush the brake fluid from the servo assisted ABS unit and the entire system on a 2004 R1150GSA. Everything went as planned and per directions except that I broke the small M4 0.7 bolt that holds the front caliper spring (#14 in the picture).

Then I tried to drill it out and broke the drill bit in it. The same thing happened to the other front caliper, no matter how careful I was and after heating and using liquid wrench. The bolts were seized.


The question is, are they absolutely necessary. I ask because although I have seen other types of calipers that the spring is putting pressure on something, but this one seems to just cover the pads or at best not allow the pin that goes through to hold the little rod to back out.


Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

See 2 pics below

Thanks in advance.





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Afternoon Kouros


I'm not real sure on the ENTIRE duties of that spring. It is definitely a debris shield & does act as pad anti-rattle spring. It might have some other duties but I don't have one in hand here to look at.


Your GS setup is basically used on the GS, RS & some R bikes. The RT uses a slightly different spring setup.


I hesitate to tell you to just eliminate it, I would rather see you try to get the old bolt out or at least tweak the spring leg to the side a little (or slot the leg hole) then drill & tap a new hole next to the broken one.


With a broken drill bit it might take removing the caliper then taking that to a local machine shop for removal.


You might be able to run without those springs but without one in hand to verify function it is not something to suggest removing over the internet.


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Thanks DR!

In fact I have drilled and tapped just next to the original, but could not extend the end piece of the spring metal. I tried extending it by JB welding and adding a small piece to it, but it came of quickly after letting dry for 48 hours. Thanks again.


I've been looking at it, searching on the web for info, as well as using my GoPro to video it while riding and braking. It does not seem to do anything but acting as a cover. There is no load on anything. It just sit there. But ABS or brakes is not something to mess around with.



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Afternoon Kouros


Can you slot the hole out all the way to side your new bolt is on then use a washer under your bolt head?


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Fixed it. The same you described DR. On the other caliper there was no broken drill bit in there, so just tapped it.


Here is the thing and I might be wrong. The screw and caliper are different metals and they should not be together on a heating component without anti seize. Why they do that puzzles me.


Best and thank you for the guidance.



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