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BOTOX cosmetics may not be for everyone :)


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Well...some wednesday morning humor I guess..


You need to consider that it may take up to 7 days to turn an angry woman to a happy woman,

and some cost involved$$ ...

so it may not be for everyone. :rofl:

but these are " proven results" :/

PS: this is an actual botox ad, not altered.



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John Ranalletta

Several years ago, I delivered a day of sales training to a group of pharma sales people working for a Botox competitor. Given what I saw in the audience, few of us should apply. Most were very young, very good looking, walking examples of their product.

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I have a special talent, and I have done this many times before.

I guess I could call it a "reverse botox"

meaning, I can - with just one comment - reverse the 7 days effects of botox.

like this... turn a happy woman to an angry woman in seconds :)



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