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Windshield Bracket Replacement


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After one of my upper windshield brackets broke, I replaced both upper brackets (crappy) with the ones made by Tim Morgan and sold through Beemer Boneyard (much more durable). I know the uppers are the ones that break more often, but I'm thinking about replacing the lower ones, too. Has anyone had trouble with the lowers? Has anyone replaced them with the ones through Beemer Boneyard? Any thoughts on this?

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I replaced the uppers after hitting a sink hole in Texas a few years back. The topes in Mexico probably started the fracture and sink hole finished it off. The lowers are still working as intended. Bye the way as a point of interest I have a larger aftermarket shield. Glad Beemer Boneyard is selling Tim's excellent products.

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Yeah, Joe, the uppers look good and are pretty strong. I've heard some people say the originals use pot metal so they'll break in case of an accident, but I've only seen them break randomly (and usually at the worst time). I was lucky; mine broke when I was close to home. Dealers don't seem to carry them. In hindsight, it would have been best to just change them out before they broke. That's why I'm now asking about the lowers.


Tim's fuel pump ring works pretty good, too. If you still have the old plastic fitting, put one of his rings on to keep it from cracking. I think Beemer Boneyard sells them, too.


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Hi Guys, haven't been on the board for awhile now, just noticed this thread regarding replacement arms for the often breaking 'upper' arms. I went thru a couple of sets of uppers before I got fed up and started making my own replacements from stainless steel using the OEM German teflon bushings to complete the unit.


I have been making them for friends on the forum for a few years now, and have a couple of pair sitting on my bench if anyone would like a set. They are lazer cut from stainless steel, hand polished and painted with an industrial semi gloss black to cut down any reflections. These will NEVER break. I charge what it costs me to make them...plus the cost of the OEM bushings, and shipping. $ 70.00 a pair shipped in the US or Canada.


Here is a picture of the finished product...PS photography isn't my best skill set, haha.




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Back in the days of Airheads, S and RS windshields were mounted with plastic push rivets. Of course the blacksmiths among us often replaced these with nylon nuts and bolts, likely from a Home Depot. Maybe even steel fasteners. In an accident a rider flying forward would likely take the entire windshield with him in one piece with the factory setup--probably just sharp pieces with the shadetree solution.


Anybody ever stop to think that the windscreen mount arms on current bikes might be designed to break away?


There's more to engineering than make it heavy.

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The reported experiences have been the almost all of the broken brackets are uppers. Lowers break less often by a pretty good margin but have been broken by a few.


At the time I changed my upper only the West Tool ones were commonly known to be available. Nice to see BB option now available also.

If you have larger than stock screen and ride rough surfaces or hit strong winds the stronger arms are good insurance. And if you manage to break a stocker, it surely makes no sense to replace it with the same weak part.










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what i discovered when my upper broke was the lower portion of bracket was seized to arm. they are spring loaded and the other side that wasn't broken would not return under spring power till i pulled it apart and put a dab of anti seize. did same on new one and don't suspect i'll have any more problems. cee baileys 2 wider and 3 taller screen with 30,000 miles. like some one else had pointed out i think the engineering at bmw might have made them the way they did in case of sudden flight forward. these bikes are highly engineered,(somtimes it seems overkill) but i think i'll stick with stock.... just my .02 worth

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