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SoCal: 12/21/2013 Sat, Christmas Party at Newcomb's Ranch


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A few of us decided yesterday, while up at Newcomb's to have a Christmas get together next Sat at noon. It started out as a reunion of our old crew but why not include everyone that has enjoyed Newcomb's hospitality over the years. Sure there will be unfamiliar faces to you but I bet you'll also see some folks you may not have seen in awhile.

So if your free on Sat, why not come on up and enjoy yourselves with a few other riders over the holidays.

Please feel free bring an orament for the tree, the more unusable the better. :-)


No ride route is planed on this one, so you guys can figure those out on your own. It'll be nice seeing ya up there & if you can't...have a happy holiday season with your friends and family.

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From our official invitation:

"The Newcomb's Tree is looking a little "Charlie Brownish" so it could use a little help. I know many of you are pretty handy, and creative, so put on your MacGyver hats and make something up. Prizes for the most creative, funniest, and best moto-themed ornaments. ProItalia $100 gift certificate is just one of the prizes, with more to come."


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Been there a few times but can't ride all the way back for lunch. Wish I could. :wave:


All you need to do is fly here call me and I'll put you on a bike... it's simple.


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We'll be up there at 12 noon or a little before.

A few of us are doing our usual backside ride out to the tree, meeting at 10-10:30 & then heading up via nine mile afterwards. People will start showing up @ Newcomb's starting at 8am when they open.

Our group we consist of an HP4, 1300 S, a 1200 GS and I'll be on my Tuono that I know of right now. Meeting at the 7/11 at Oro Vista.

Feel free to join us but be warned, it's not a smell the roses type of ride.

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