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What type of "cradle" for my Migsel GPS mount?


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I've just ordered a Migsel GPS mount for my 2004 R1150RT. I've done the research, and appreciate the opinions I've found here on the forum.


I currently have a Garmin Nuvi 52LM, and would like to use this rather than buy a high priced unit aimed at the motorcyclist right off the bat. I'm simply wondering, what type of "cradle" I'll need to attach this to the Migsel unit. Is the RAM ball mount on the Migsel a standard size? Where might I find a cradle?


What am I missing? Any wiring tips?



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It looks like you will need these parts for the Nuvi. I think the Migsel comes with one standard size ball mount on the unit. I have a Migsel mount on my 05 R1200RT, but I use a Garmin 660. As far as wiring, I pulled power from the parking light bulb on my headlight.








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