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Wow, who knew?!!!!!


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Talent is not evenly distributed in the population.


She is amazing. Raw talent that flowers without the need for training is rare.


Unfortunately for me, my natural talent that required no training was plumbing.

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Yep! Every time I click on that link posted by someone for a peek, I am FLOORED! I hope she has a great future ahead of her and touches many lives!

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Can I gripe at these {insert country here}'s Got Talent shows? I HATE HATE HATE looking at the reactions of the judges and the backstage jokers during the performance. Just show the bloody talent that you're supposed to be showcasing. I can tell that the girl is astounding all by myself.


And she is astounding.

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Makes for more compelling television… they know what they are doing… seeing the reaction of others only sells the emotion. Add to that the use of editing to make it visually interesting… I live in this world… trust me, just showing the girl and her singing would not be as interesting for programming.


And back on topic, wow, just amazing. Would have loved to see more of this and an English translation.

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