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Wind blew my bike over!


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I knew it was supposed to be windy, but wasn't when I got to work, so I parked it lengthwise to the normal wind direction.


Well, it fooled me. Came at it more from the side stand side, blew it over.


Nice rash, altho not too big, just took about a square inch of paint off on the rear hard case, but it broke the right mirror off. Not a lot of pieces, may be able to glue it back together - mostly broke around the mounting bolts. A small bit of roughness on the lower edge of the right valve cover, hardly noticeable.


Oh, well, I'd laid it down twice before, once ea side, but was able to slow the descent so hardly any noticeable scars.


Guess I'll check Beemer Boneyard to see if they have one and how much just in case.

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I tried to get across ahead of a thunderstorm once in CO. I stopped to put on raingear when I wound up dead center in front of it, was standing on the right side of the bike when it blew right into me. Lucky for both of us, I caught it before it got much past upright.


I do not try to beat thunderstorms anymore. I just stop and wait them out.

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Let's have a little fun here... What with you planning to retire to Wyoming and all. Here is a picture of a sign board at "Wagon Hound" Rest Area on the north side of Elk Mountain, (I-80). I have stopped at the rest stop quite a few times, and always take time to read the sign. The first time I was there was November of 1990 and the wind was blowing very hard. I walked over to read the sign. When I read the last line I began laughing, and that doggone wind just about blew me off my feet! Keep it in mind, sooner or later it will help you keep your cool!




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Yeah, get used to the wind in Wyo. I grew up there and there are 2 relevant mottos that you'll be intimately familiar with:


1) 40 below wind chill keeps the riff-raff out

2) The first thing you learn upon moving to Wyoming is to hold onto your car door.


It's a beautiful place. Enjoy.

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