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After 15 years of being away from anything with two wheels and a motor, I finally have the time to return to what has been in my blood since first ridding a Rupp minibike in 1970. I just picked up a 1999 R1100RT and put almost 200 miles on it the first day. I love this bike! I was hoping to ride today, however I am watching the snow pile up on the downtown Boise streets.


I've been waiting for 15 years, what's a few more weeks!

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Hey Abbey,


I understand your feelings completely.

I recently bought a 2004 R1150RT after quite a few years of not riding. The BMW is the nicest bike I have ever ridden.

That said, I am having issues with rough running that I haven't been able to solve and the nearest dealer is over an hour away.

If there is a negative to BMW it is the dealer network.

It is really frustrating not being able to ride my new bike.

Good luck with your new bike.



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Abbey, my first (and so far only) BMW is a 1999 R1100RT. It's one of BMW's classic designs, with few weaknesses, and relatively friendly to owner servicing. If possible, find someone in your area with experience with this model, and learn the basics of maintenance.

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Welcome to the addiction. I am a fellow Boise resident and long time Beemer owner. If you are interested there is a good BMW club that is based here.

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