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Where to get a new TomTom Rider


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This is one of thous days, nothing get right.My TomTom Rider quit (dont open the map), and finding the right road without is difficult in this large country.To find a shop in San Bernardino area, who sell TomTom, is like the needle in the haystack. So internett must be the solution, ore? Having a home/billing adress in Norway, and delivery adress in USA is of some reason not acceptable here. That`s why I used Paypal a week ago, but that too failed. So, tomorrow I try to find the " needle ".( now staying in Hemet) A big disappointment, the GPS just lasted for two months. At home I have had a similar, for five years!

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Chaparral Motorsports is located in San Bernardino. Not sure of the address, but easy to look up. They are a big motorcycle shop and a big web site. Not sure how good the prices are though.



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I have a first generation TomTomRider with a bad charging cradle. Am looking for one. A recent Rider fits different charger cradle. If u want to sell ur old charging cradle, can email me at mart1948@att.net



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