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CTEK MXS7.0 Battery Charger


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I've bought this battery charger to service my Odyssey battery following Enersys' recommendations.


It's a "heavy duty" battery charger putting out a hefty 7A, hence it can be used on car batteries no problems. And the first test run I had was on my car's six year old battery.

Using the reconditioning program (just follow instruction to the letter :grin: ) the ailing battery is back as new. Even if it bought this battery just one extra year of life it's enough to be highly impressed.

The charger itself is a fairly simple item: you can only choose four programs: normal (for all lead batteries bar AGM), AGM, the aforementioned reconditioning and supply.

It's also fairly "smart" meaning it will handle all rest itself. Just plug it in,select the program and let it work.


Very impressive piece of kit: it works quickly, doesn't give off heat (differently from TecMate chargers) and has all the voltage to keep even Odyssey batteries in top shape.

All in all highly recommended. :thumbsup:


PS: in the US it's sold as Multi US 7002, due to different power grid specs and FCC regulations but it's exactly the same thing as this one.

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Bought one of those myself after reading Roger's write up about hard starting on his RT. The more I read, the more it sounded like my bikes. I also have 2, 6-ohm, 50 watt resistors i parallel to discharge the batteries a bit before recharging. What a difference this has made on my PC-680 batteries.



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