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Radar Detector/Magnetic Mounts


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Apologies if this has been discussed before but I can't find any threads on it. I've just bought an Escort Passport 9500ix radar detector and am looking for a mount for it. RAM has a magnetic mount plate that will work well, but I'm a little leery of using a magnetic device with electronic equipment. The ix uses some form of memory as it uses history to adjust the signals.


Anyone used this combination or have an opinion on using a magnetic plate?



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I used it with my V1. Worked perfectly. Easy to remove it when you dismount and want to store it in your cases or jacket. Just a little twist.


I don't have it on my new bike but I still have it in the " parts I'm going to sell someday" box...

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I have the Escort 8500 and I use the Ram magnetic mount with no problems. Perfect for when you want to remove your expensive equipment from the bike so that it doesn't become someone else's property.

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I use a Techmount on my K1300GT. It fits the newer style switch assembly on most of the new models. The plate is rectangular and I mount the detector with Velcro. Solid and easy to mount.

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