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Stick Coils


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Hi All,


The consensus seems to be my problematic 04 R1150RT is most likely the result of faulty stick coil(s).

Since there seems to be no definitive method of testing, partially failed coils, I guess my next best option is to diagnose with my check book.

I found a pair on the internet at $200 shipping included only to learn they are back ordered until March, not acceptable.

So, my question is where is the best place to buy them?

As always, thank you in advance.



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I bought two used ones for the price of one new one at Re-Psycle BMW. Yeah, I took a chance, but they are still going strong after 20,000 miles.

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I just got a set of German-made Beru stick coils from Euro Moto Electric. They were a bit cheaper than OEM, and have stainless shafts that are claimed to hold up better. The only hassle is that you have to move the top rubber rings from your old coils to the new ones. Easily done, but not quite plug and play.


That being said, I have exactly zero miles on these coils, although I do have 20 or 30 minutes of garage running. They were recommended to me by a user here. My problem seems to have turned out to be dirty throttle bodies, rather than bad coils. Either that, or it took the Motronic a little while to figure out it had good coils.

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