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Forks wont lock


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Just got me a '98 R1100RT. 98,000 miles but it starts and runs good, no oil smoke and the plastics are all in near excellent shape. I must admit though, I think it was wrecked. The left handlebar seems to be lower than the right one but I don't think that is why the forks wont lock. The pin that comes out of the key lock mechanism is not going into the hole in the frame. It is too high. The aluminum part that holds the key, handle bars and fork tubes looks like it should be closer to the frame. I pulled off the center cover and tried to tighten the hex bolt but it is bottomed out. How much trouble is it to remove this top aluminum piece so I can see what is preventing it from being pulled closer to the frame?

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I can't answer your question, but should you get the issue resolved and (re)gain the ability to lock the forks, be careful with that. My bike, and from what I've read here and other places this is a common problem, will allow the fork to lock easily, but it is often a hassle to get it to unlock (as a consequence, I've stopped using the feature ever - the best theft deterrent I've found for a 15 year old BMW RT is, well, being a 15 year old BMW RT).


Enjoy the "new" ride!

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yeah, mine is a real PIA to get the fork lock off. If mine didn't work I would never try and fix it. I have to lock mine to get the key out because the only other position the key can be removed the running lights are lit. I would LOVE to get that to stop!!



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