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bar-backs and brake line on 2013 rt


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I've installed a set of helibar brand extenders and although the manufacturer says stock brake lines will work, mine seems like it is stressed at full left lock. Granted, this is a relatively rare attitude but I want to replace it with one slightly longer. I'm no professional mechanic but when required I have changed pads, rotors, calipers etc on my 4 wheel vehicles. Any gotchas I need to know about bleeding the system after I change the line? brand recommendations?



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I installed a set on my 2012. You need to look at the retainer loop on the front right side where the brake line and wire harness run through. Re route for maximum slack. Then you will need to look at where the brake line exits the reservoir. Make sure it is positioned as straight out as possible. This is also known as a banjo fitting. You may need to loosen the line and rotate it to a more straight position as well as rotate the switch by loosening the two collar screws. I did all this on my 2012 RT and at full left position it gets a bit tight but not to the point it will stress it out. You will never turn full left while riding and I lock the headset to the right side.

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The first thing I did with my 2011 1200RT was put on the bar backs with the greatest back and up amount of movement I could find.


Then I needed an extended front brake line.


This kit worked very well.


I used a cheap vac pump from Harbor Freight (similar to an expensive Mighty Vac) to gently draw the fluid out of the handlebar master cylinder a little at a time, being careful not to let it get empty. I forget exactly where I hooked it on, but I do remember it was obvious. Of course it was below the new brake line. They supplied a new fitting and I think a support bracket that goes on at the bottom of the line, a little difficult to access but with a little patience not all that bad.


The RT has a very small bleed screw right at the master cylinder which proved invaluable, GREAT addition to the brake system!



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