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Home stereo bluetooth help needed


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I have a nice, old fashioned amp (Arcam) and some good speakers, which I really like. I am not asking for advice such as "get a bluetooth-enabled system". I have a Sony bluetooth stereo adapter connected to it, and can listen to streamed music from my phone or tablet.


I have another room in which I want to listen to the same music at the same time. I have a smaller old fashioned stereo I can put in there which will provide adequate sound. My phone and tablet won't sent dual bluetooth signals. So what I am looking for is an adapter to plug into the audio out of my main amp, which will 'throw' via bluetooth the signal from my phone to the other stereo, which will have its own adapter.


Phone music > main amp bluetooth receiver > NEW bluetooth transmitter > NEW bluetooth receiver in other room, connected to other stereo.


Needs to be AC powered, not rechargeable.


The thing I have now is a Sony HWS-BTA2W.



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