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showa rebuild


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Can someone give me some sugestions on where to send my factory shock? It is leaking oil I don't really want to spend 500-1000 on a shock but a couple bills to rebuild would be just fine.




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HAve email sent to Linderman and Bruno's (found that on a thread I searched) Will see what they say. May have to park it till after the first of theey year if a new rebuildable Shock is in order

Thanks all


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Showas are non rebuildable I believe.


They can be overhauled, but require someone with the right equipment and, much more critically, knowledge to do it.

There's a place not far from here that specializes in rebuilding sealed shocks, especially Showa and Kayaba (KYB). Would advise them if shipping costs weren't prohibitive.

They charge between 150 and 250€ per shock, according to model, parts needed etc and give you one year full warranty.

According to them the worst problem with Showa are the mineral oils used at the factory: in a pretty short time they will start leaving a very thick sludge that will clog the damping units.


I am thinking having the big Honda shocks done by them: it's either that or forking out over 1000€ for two new shocks plus fork oil and spring to match change. I have been hunting for a second hand set of Wilbers or Ohlins for over a year but no luck so far... they'll pop up once I'll fix the suspension, so I may as well go for the cheapest options. :rofl:

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The Works should be a good shock and that's a good price. I have one on my ex-500 and you can rebuild them yourself. Parts might be about $50.


Where do you go for parts?? Works?


After you rebuild it (No problem there) How do I go about recharging it and what pressure do they go?



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