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RT left me stranded on the side of the road


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About two weeks ago while I was out on my RT headed to Prescott, when she finally let me down. Began loosing power and eventually died, leaving me stranded on the side of the road. I suspected that one of the fuel lines in the tank split. Not a difficult fix in my garage, but not one I want to do on the side of the road. Called the girlfriend and talked her through how to hook the trailer to the truck. She was sure was proud of herself. She drove up and we eventually got the RT onto the trailer and drove back home. Broke down at 4:30 and was home by 10:00. All in all not that bad an experience as I was only about 75 miles from home. Four weeks ago I was up in Colorado on the same bike. Had the same thing happened then, 600 miles from home I would have been f$&@#%!!!!


Over the past weekend I had time a to fix the bike and discovered that one of the small straight pieces of hose that connects the fuel filter to the fuel pump split. While I had the bike apart I decided to change out all the brake lines with Spiegler lines as the bike is now 9 years old. I also changed out all the fuel lines inside the tank. I had to order the vent lines from a BMW dealer and replaced all the high pressure fuel lines in the tank with hard flexible fuel hose that I got here, http://www.euromotoelectrics.com/BMW-Hose-for-In-Tank-Submersion-16-13-1-455-350-p/fp-hosekit.htm . For $15.00 you get enough hose to do two fuel pump assemblies and it should last the life of the bike. I used the original stye crimp clamps since I have a lot of them in many sizes. Replaced the fuel sock and the fuel filter as well. Everything went together easy enough, including the brake lines, with no real surprises. Although I did need to remove the fuel tank again and open up the fuel pump plate because I forgot to hook up the electrical connector for the fuel level sensor the first time I put it back together. Everything is now back together and it all works like it should, no leaks with the fuel system and none with the brake system either.


If you haven't already replaced the lines on the fuel pump plate I suggest you do so the next time you have the bike apart doing a service. And don't replace the bad hoses from BMW with new bad hoses from BMW that cost an outrages sum. Use the hose kit from www.euromotoelectrics.com that cost just $15.00. One thing I wish I had that I didn't was a new fuel pump vibration damper as the one on my pump was showing signs of degrading a bit. It will be fine for some time but the next time I replace the fuel filer I'll replace it with one of these http://www.beemerboneyard.com/16141341232.html .


The split in the original hose that left me stranded.



The new flexible hose installed on the fuel pump assembly.



All new hard plastic hoses installed. They should last the life of the bike.



One of the pieces of hard hose, you get two in the kit. You cut the straight parts off and use them to replace the straight pieces on the fuel pump assembly.



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WOW great write up. My winter project is to replace all the fuel lines, but did not consider inside the tank. I just got the bike in June, never had it apart. I saved your post... Cheers.

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I ordered both in tank and external lines from. Beemer boneyard for my winter bike work. Thanks for the pics. They give me a good idea of what I will be seeing.

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Well thats what turns a trip into an adventure huh? A break-down!

I used the same euromoto kit on my fuel system. Worked great, and added the other hose to my "adventure" kit under the seat.

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