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Radio Options for R1100RT?


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my 00 r1100rt doest not have the BMW radio I am thinking of having a radio installed and I am wondering if anyone here has used something other than the BMW radio? It is very expensive and I would like to put in a newer radio that is Ipod and/or xm compatible. I mostly will be listening throught my helmet speakers, but may occastionally listen through the fairing speakers, has anyone installed anything other than the BMW stuff?


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Consensus seems to be that BMW radio isn't worth it. Go with an ipod in the tankbag and jack it into your bike's speakers if you don't want to use the helmet's. Others will chime in here with the Autocom option.

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It's pretty difficult to make the fairing speakers effective for anything over very low speeds. Go for in-ear phones with a good isolation (NRR) figure, that's about the only thing that works really well.

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