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Non-Stop (Fan?) Noise on 2000 R1100 RT-P


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Bike: 2000 R1100RT-P 80K miles

Run: Everyday for at least 25 freeway and street miles. Took a 3,000 mile tour of the Southwest last May.

Problem: Started the bike in the morning yesterday and I heard what I'm guessing is the fan type noise, though I've not heard the sound before. I shut it off and the fan? continued to run even with the key off. It was the first ride of the day so it wasn't hot. The sound came from in front of the battery. (See link to diagram) It took me 20 minutes to get the fairings off and isolate the sound. I DC'd the battery to stop the noise.


The bike has an existing electrical problem that I'm guess is due to a faulty F4 7.5A (horn) relay as the turn indicators, motor to the windshield, and the horn are affected.




Any ideas about the fan? noise issue? (see attached diagram pinpointing area)

And is the diagnosis of the F4 7.5A (Horn) relay as the culprit in the electrical issue plausible?


I'm not a wrench (hence the 20 minutes to get the fairings off) but there are official BMW shops nearby as well as a couple of private shops that work on BMW's.






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sounds like the ABS module is doing something wierd. That is the only thing up in front of the battery that would make the noise you are saying with the engine off.


What to do about it??? No clue except to pull the ABS relay



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That makes sense as the ABS lights on the dash remained lit (blinking alternately) which I guess means it's not engaging.


Pulling the ABS relay, as in the fuse box relay?

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Morning BAZ


It does sound like you ABS motor is continually running.


That is usually caused by a stuck power relay but NOT the ABS relay in the fuse box (that is for the warning lights).


The relay you need to access is under a (sliding) cover on the side of the ABS controller.


That is a somewhat expensive relay so you should use an ohmmeter to verify bad before replacing. That relay is triggered from a circuit within the ABS controller so there could be an internal ABS problem causing the relay to stay triggered (but the usual cause is a bad relay).



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Don't forget this a P model with two batteries and an oil cooler fan.

Which battery is the fan sound coming from?

OOps, my bad, now I see the diagram but if IIRC, the ABS motor sounds more like a clank when it energizes.

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