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GPS Blue tooth headset


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A friend has bought the GS1200 W/c Bm with all the bells and whistles. Here in Australia he has been told by the dealer there are no Bluetooth helmet mounted speakers available.


Can someone shed some light on this - are speakers available anywhere in the world either BMW or aftermarket.


Any help would be appreciated.





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I have been wearing bluetooth in my lid for over 6 years. Have tried quite a few models and the only one I would recomend is the Scala Rider G4. It looks like the G4 has been upgraded to the G9 now.


They give a nice clean sound, very dependable, long battery and easy to use controls. They best part is they are programmable and you can upgrade the firmware.


I have had mine now for 3 years and love it





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The dealer is wrong

Try sena smh10. Cheapest I think is online from mr mobile.



....and the Sena works great with BMW's BT and other BT items...like an MP3 player with dongle, etc.

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Go with the Sena SMH10 and make sure you upgrade to V4.3 of the firmware. Mine has worked flawlessly for the past three years. The mount setup also depends on what brand of helmet you are using. On my Schuberth C3, I use the clamp and boom kit. For my Shoei RF1000, I use the standard mount that comes with the unit.

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The Sena SMH10 also installs nicely in a Nolan N43 - fits snuggly in the "cut out" provided by Nolan for their BT headset. There are excellent directions somewhere on the web, can't remember where.

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excuse my hijack please. If I wanted to add a decent set of speakers to my Shoei 1100, I could use a Scala unit? I wear musician's earplugs with the stock shield on my '04RT. So there's a bit of windnoise that I deal with, hence the plugs. I tried using my stock Iphone ear buds with the helmet on my daily 120 mile commute (minus the earplugs of course) and the wind noise was intolerable so would love to use my earplugs with some good speakers. Sounds like this may work?





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