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Do you ever just wake up and feel like it's a great day?


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I woke up this morning thankful to be alive, in bed with my wife of 46 years and started planning the timing of cooking breakfast for "starving" deer hunters that have been in trees since dark thirty.


It's a great day to be alive!!!!!!!

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Even a bad day beats a day in a box! I get a kick out of some co- workers dreading to come into work and being miserable. I look at it as what if I did not come to work and miss what would of happened if I was not there. Some things happen that just cannot be made up. Granted, rather be a millionaire and plan out my own daily destiny securely, but only if I get lucky. That rarely happens.


Enjoy your wonderful day and I hope there are many more of 'em!

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Deb and I wake up every morning joyfully embracing the new day ahead.


A beloved uncle of ours, who recently passed away, used to say to me "Every day you put on your own underwear is a good day"....still makes me laugh :) !


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