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Best way to dry out a wet motorcycle helmet?


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So was out for five hours in the wet and windy wet rain (did I mention it was wet?) today...


Been trying to think of the best way to dry out the lower part of the Schuberth C3, and hit on this as a way to gently dry the helmet without taking it apart.


I had a spare over the door hook from a local bathroom supplier, and draped a towel over a radiator, then used the over the door hook on the radiator and looped the chinstrap over the hook.


The helmet is not in direct contact with the radiator and the strap keeps things nice and the way they should be, whilst the warmth from the radiator drys the helmet..


Anyone else got a good way to do the same?

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On multi-day trips I take along a small travel hair dryer. On the 'low' setting it will easily dry out a helmet and gloves, etc. If I hit a lot of rain this ensures I have nice dry gear the next morning.

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The best place to start is to remove the liner and squeeze it between or pack it with large towels. This will remove most of the moisture.

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Best way is to remove the inner padding and then dry it out separately, away from direct heat.


The lining on the C3 is easily removed and reinstalled. Instructions are in the manual. Do it once at home and you will remember how to do it while traveling.

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You could always move to Tucson and put it outside for 15 minutes :wave:


Ding ding ding. We have a winner. That's better than any method I've tried so far.


Actually, I've never had to bother with it (and believe me, I'm no stranger to riding in the rain). I just set it on the counter in the kitchen and it's dry by morning. If that didn't work, I'd get a fan out and park that in front of the helmet. Maybe prop it up in some way, so that the air passed through the face and neck holes.

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

I'd get a fan out and park that in front of the helmet.


+1 for helmets in general. Some of the adhesives may not like temperatures over 150F, which is achievable with a heater.

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You could always move to Tucson and put it outside for 1.5 minutes :wave:


Fixed it for you.

This is not far off. My wife and I lived in Saudi Arabia for 5 years, and when hanging laundry outside, the first piece on the line would usually be dry by the time the last piece of laundry was hung. 110° and 10% humidity = fast dry.

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