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removing asphalt from exhaust pipes


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I seemed to have picked up more than my share of tar and asphalt on the cross pipe just in front of the alternator cover this summer. The usual "bug and tar" remover solvent won't touch the baked on deposits. Any suggestions? I'm wondering about Easy Off oven cleaner and such. The pipes are the R1200 stock stainless pipes with chrome. Thanks

Neil W

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Joe Frickin' Friday

Look for No. 7 Polishing Compound in your nearest auto or hardware store. Very, very fine abrasive (and some solvents) that's hard enough to remove baked on crud, but soft enough to not scratch metal. Works great for road tar.

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Kerosene/naphtha turns tar to mush that is easily removed. Let it penetrate for a couple of minutes and wipe with a rag damp withi kerosene. WD 40 works well but I've had better success with this.

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Shaolin Master Sergeant

Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner will clean the plate from an iron (the appliance that presses clothes) and burnt materials stuck to exhaust pipes.

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