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GS mirror removal


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My 03 R1150RT came with the Mickey mouse mirrors installed. I need to remove them but dont have a wrench or socket that works. Anyone know what it takes to loosen the nuts underneath the grips?

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They are actual hex nuts. The parts list shows the nuts as 8M but the price tells me they are something other then a standard nut.

$8.17 each.

I think they are supposed to be a special cylindrical nut with an internal allen head. I have no clue how these were installed due to clearance problems with the housing.


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I dont think it would. Someone probably put the flat blade of a screw driver against the flat on the hex nut to jam it in the housing and spun the mirror stalk to tighten it.

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I have an 1100GS and it is a tight fit for a C spanner. I can`t get my smallest spanner anywhere near fully onto the nut, but I can just catch it enough to `lock` it so the mirror can be spinned to unscrew it. It is a bad design.

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