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Electrical problem


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Been a while since I've been on this forum, but I ran into a weird problem on my '02 1150 RT. It's something electrical, and I've checked the fuses, but nothing seems to be out of order.


I have no power to my auxiliary outlets (my heated jacket doesn't get power}, my windshield adjuster doesn't work, and my clock resets to 0:00 every time I turn off the bike. Like I said, I've checked the fuses and none of them appear to be burned out. Everything else works, and my bike still runs just fine, except for the three issues I mentioned.


Is there another fuse that I don't know about? Mechanically, I'm pretty much a retard, but I'd really appreciate any suggestions on this rather than spend the $80/hr the local shop is going to charge.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.



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Morning Jeff


All those things that aren't working go through fuse #3. (that is 3rd fuse in from the shifter side of the bike).


So first thing, REPLACE fuse #3-- fuses can look good but be failed inside so either replace it or remove the fuse & test it for continuity with an ohm meter.


If the fuse is OK then look for a broken large red wire going to te battery (+) post.


If it isn't bad fuse or a wire connection at the battery (+) post then you will probably have to trace the fuse #3 (B+) feed wire. So start at the fuse with a 12v test light & work your way towards the battery + post. (DON'T poke holes in the wire insulation with the test light stinger to test as that brings on future problems)


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...So first thing, REPLACE fuse #3-- fuses can look good but be failed inside


D.R. - you nailed it. I replaced the fuse and everything is working just fine. Huge Thanks.



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