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2006 R1200rt with 14000 miles


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Ok, getting ready to pull the trigger on this bike. Have had a R1200C and R1100S, now on a Honda cruiser and bored with the bike. Talk me out of buying this bike...

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If you want a snappy, super-powerful, buttery-smooth bike, don't buy this one. It's a twin, with definite power pulses.


But, compared to an R1200C and R1100S, it's a more powerful, lighter, more active bike, that works better the more you push the pace. Better in all respects. It enjoys a spirited ride, and begs you to push the envelope. Great wind protection, too; you'll wonder how you got along without it.


Unusual electric brake system is capable, but feel is a bit different and takes awhile to become accustomed to.


Best plan is to try it for a few miles; the more the better.

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I wouldn't try to talk anybody out of buying any RT, but my 2006 RT's failed servo-brake ABS modulator cost $2300 -- just for the part. At 16k miles.


I'd be patient and look for a 2007 or later RT for better/simpler brakes. But if you like the 2006, go for it. My 2c.

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I really like my 2005 RT - I bought it used and it does not have the special shock system. (can never remember the letters ...)


The only knocks I have about the bike is the seat that came with it and the standard shocks. Russell took care of the seat and in that regard I am good. When i can afford to do so, I will be changing out the shocks with Ohlins.

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Bought a 2007 Rt a few months back. No complaints so far. Brakes are super powerfull. I've been told that there is now avail a rebuild service for the servo in the neighborhood of $400.00. My 07 does have servo brakes, so I think they must have changed them mid year or something. Bike is kind of sneaky fast. They all could use an ohlins shock though, that would be my biggest complaint. If you've owned previous BMW's you know what you're getting into.

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Sorry, can't talk you out of it. I just bought the sister to this bike but it had 17,290 miles on it. Weather has been bad so I only have 500 miles on it since purchasing it. All I can say is that it's a great cruiser and you will not be disappointed.


Make sure to get a Level II (12K) service on it if it hasn't already. This will give you some peace of mind as to a service baseline.


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I've been told that there is now avail a rebuild service for the servo in the neighborhood of $400.00.


Non-servo ABS modulator rebuild yes. Servo no.

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Why take the chance?

I know a guy who just bought a 2009, 5000 miles. Perfect condition. There are others like that out there. Get one like that. Newest and lowest miles possible.


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How often do the servos fail?


All it takes is one when it's yours. I wasn't aware of the risk for such a costly failure before I bought my '06. It's now well known. There must have been a good reason for BMW to redesign their brake system to eliminate the servos the following year in '07. They haven't had them in their bikes since and likely never will again.


Following recommended maintenance, fluid flushes, etc., will not prevent failure (although you should do such maintenance anyway). Failure is due to poor design and manufacture, plus cheap parts. Failure could be intermittent at first and is of course a safety issue if it happens while riding. It could go 100k miles or it could fail at 16k.

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My '06 RT has 191,000 miles with no brake issues. Only failures were the fuel pump controller (it's common) and throttle-side heated grip wire. Absolutely nothing else, although I did rebuild the rear axle at 184K to replace a very thin rear brake disc and cracked wheel/disc carrier (since re-designed).


Great bike. Given the choice, I'd recommend an '07,'08 or '09 to avoid the funky '06 brake system, though.

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