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Gopro mounting

Steve Kolenda

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Steve Kolenda

I am thinking about purchasing a Gopro camera for my 2011 R1200RT and have done some searching on the best way to mount. I am leaning toward the suction cup mount which I would attach to the side plastic panel. Has anyone used the suction mount? Will it leave permanent mark?

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Used the suction cup mount on the front fender of a car for an auto-cross. That camera got destroyed...


I'd just mount it via the hard mounts with the 3M DS tape. its easy to pull off if its not permanent.

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I use a GoPro with a suction mount on the emblem. It works just fine. I also use a thin string tether connected from the camera up to the mirror. It's really fine nylon string (about the thickness of a needle) so it doesn't whip across the panel and rub a mark on it. Be careful putting the suction cup on the back side of the pannier, it’s a bit concave and I’ve had the suction let go – Thank goodness for the tether.


My favorite camera, however is the Sony AS15. It has anti-shake and is attached to my helmet.


The differences between the two are really a matter of preference, but one of the biggest differences is the GoPro can charge while recording, the Sony cannot. Both can take 64 Gb micro SD cards and both have great quality. I do see an occasional blue-sunspot artifact on the Sony when staring directly into the sun.


There are ton of Youtube videos comparing the two. Both have pros and cons, I like them both and I use them both in different ways. The GoPro has no shake when attached to the frame or panels, but takes pretty poor video when attached to the windshield (too much vibration).


Sony can use a regular tripod mount screw, but comes with the typical peel and stick mounts like GoPro. the mounts between the two are not compatible, But...a couple purchases on E-bay and one can find a GoPro adapter that is useable with the Sony. I do not like the Sony large yellow Sony helmet mount.


Neither allow an ext. mic when encased, but a few mods (also on Youtube) can accomplish the task. I have an extra case I plan to punch a hole into for a mic. See this vid.

It shows a pretty decent adaptation but it’s still a bit rough; I’d like a cleaner type of modification personally. GoPro has an extra back that is open to catch natural sounds better. Both require moisture absorbers when riding in cold weather to prevent condensation on the lens. Also on Ebay, Amazon or Best Buy….I modified one from a silica moisture absorbing packet that came over in a purchase from China.


Both are wireless (manageable by smartphone) and both can be charged using a USB adapter…I’ve purchased BMW plug adapters and can charge on the road. The Sony AS10 is not wireless and is a bit cheaper in price. The Sony has an awesome slowmo setting and has a max 170 view.


Anyway...if you want more on the types of mounts and adapters or the cameras themselves, send me an email - karlington1@yahoo.com.


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I use a Sony AS15 and I also have a GoPro (white). I prefer the Sony however. The only downside is the Sony cannot charge and record at the same time, but the stabilizer function is awesome; it makes for some smooth video. But, I like both cams for different reasons.


The mount I like best is the Delkin Fat Gecko Mount DDMOUNT-STEALTH (Amazon $22). It's low profile and reduces most wobble. The suction pad is big and works very well because of the good vacuum it creates.


I always have at least one cam on the side of my helmet to monitor any goofy traffic issues. For me, this one is the Sony because it does so well on anti-shake and produces outstanding video. See this Youtube link; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwnHNV_ujUl87wMTpEKBUDw


The only time I have had the Gecko mount fail was when it was mounted on the side panel near the BMW emblem and over the two designs where there was the slightest rise in the design layers. That 100th of an inch variance apparently was enough to allow a seal leak. Fortunately it was done in my garage last week (38 degrees) and it dropped on a rug. I rearranged it onto an area with no graphic lines and it's been stuck like glue for 2 weeks.


Note: Never mount anything to the front fender, area just under the oil cooler between the forks...deep shock absorption will cause the front wheel area to hit the camera on bigger bumps. You'll either dislodge the camera or crush something when the shock compresses.


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Paul In Australia
I attached one to my right passenger foot peg and got a great view on the dragon and nice audio, too.

That sounds really interesting to me. Exactly how did you mount it up? A photo would be great?




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