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1150RT Ohlins standard springs


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Looking for any input on where I might find a good source of Ohlins standard springs for the RT (Ohlins BM124/125, on my 03 RT), used or new.


I just posted in the classified (here on BMWsporttouring) looking for any interest in a trade for some heavy duty ohlins springs for some standard springs (I have heavy duty in new condition, but need standard springs)


I'll likely just use Kyle Racing, who one source told me was a good group of folks, and have them do the rear spring replacement for me (I don't have the tool), but thought I'd float the question here to see if I"m missing anything.


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I have the front and rear 2003 OEMs sitting in my garage you can have for a nominal price (to make it worthwhile for me to pack and go to shipping company) plus shipping.


TexasMule's swap may be your best bet though.



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The standard springs I'm looking for would be the:


1092-69 rear spring

1096-13 front spring


Both for the Ohlins BM124/125 front/rear shocks. I don't believe the OEM springs will fit, from what I read on the arcane Ohlins data conversion chart, so I'm assuming i'll need and/or want to stick with an Ohlins spring.


What I have are the heavy duty springs:


1092-74 rear spring

1096-14 front spring


I've not had the opportunity to ride a side-by-side comparison, but the literature, the forums, and those i've talked to say i'm too light for the "heavy duty" springs I ended up with.

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Call Ohlins in Hendersonville NC 1-800-336-9029. When I visited them a few months ago they suggested that I may also be to heavy and when I sent them in for a rebuild they would switch out the springs if I wanted to. They are very knowledgeable about suspension technology. I spent about an hour talking with one of the guys and he made a couple of adjustments on my shocks. All for free (well I did buy the shocks). Call them and have your part numbers ready.

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