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Who Makes the Rally 2, Santiago or Savanna Jackets?


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I believe the answer lies in this direction

http://www.schoeffel.de/ but it does not seem to help one much. It works exclusively with BMW despite being appraoched by the Italian manufacturers.

I buy all my BMW gear in dealer sales or on BMW bike websites or on e-Bay. Average saving on my BMW gear is 54% of MRSP (but I bias my figures to make me feel less guilty!)


Good luck!

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My Savanna II was made in Hungary.......Great jacket...Hope it lasts a long time as they aren't making them anymore......BMW dealers were giving big disounts on Savanna II's recently, that's when I bought mine...Assume you've checked dealers...A long way away but Ventura BMW had a good supply a couple of weeks ago...Suggest you check dealers in the NE..Santiago is replacing the Savanna....All BMW gear is expensive and I'm with you; hesitant to plop down a lot of bucks for something I feel is overpriced....But the Savanna's at the price I paid (over $100.00 off) was OK...About the same as a good Tour Master jacket.......



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