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completed some projects, thanks BMWST


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thanks to all the knowledgable folks and friendly ears and support on this board. I consider myself very mechanically and electrically challenged next to most people probably hanging around this great place. Since finding this great place...I have successfully put in a fuse block via a relay to power accessories, added a number three powerlet direct to battery for charging/etc. on the right rear, and electrified my tankbag and set up my autocom system bike powered to run in my tankbag. NONE of this would have been possible prior to my finding this great community of folks and I am very grateful to all, this is definitely the start of a beautiful friendship, hope to meet some of y'all at El Paseo and MAYHEM. Oh yeah, I also just published my first webpage ever with pics of all this stuff, ( http://home.earthlink.net/~coudekerk ) learned how to do that where? BMWST... thumbsup.gif





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I could not agree more with the spirit of praise in this post. I'm a rookie to the discussion group but have learned soooo... much already about these wonderful machines we choose to ride. I'm extremely impressed with the knowledge, civility, and humor, of the responders. I've gotten so many good ideas that my Visa card just quivers in my wallet! I need to learn how to prioritize. Thanks to everyone! clap.gif

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