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What frown.gif no L.E.D. third brake lamp confused.gif

It really looks good thumbsup.gif Now it needs and adjustable back rest. clap.gif

How Mucho Denaro Pesos in U.S. Dollars. (if you don`t mind me asking). grin.gif

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I kind of like the idea of the Smuggler. I ride without the side cases a lot, and that little dude would be really handy. Does it seem like it would be waterproof?

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I dont think it retains the adjustable feature...I havent tried to put it in the high position yet.

Just sitting on it, it feels like it provides pretty good lower back support.

It also has a rubber seal around the top edges and should keep the water out.

It wasnt cheap...I paid $900 for the seat and smuggler and that was with a military discount.

The storage compartment is actually pretty big. I would say you could put a couple bottles of water, wallet, Glasses, gloves and a few other things to include the cow bells

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The Corbin web site indicates that one can swap the passenger seat and the "trunk" back and forth. Does anyone know how much time and effort is involved in the swapping?

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How was the build and fit quality of the Corbin set-up? Jerry Finley aka Pirate (owner of Pirates Lair) spoke about issues he had with this when he recently tried it on a K1200S:


"The Bad: First problem was the Carbon Fiber panel on the back of the backrest was scratched. These things happen so I called them and they offered to ship me a replacement at no charge. Cool! Had the replacement in a week. Second problem... the Smuggler section wouldn't lock onto the bike.. I realized after about 10 minutes of trying that the Corbin latch needed a spacer in order for the latch to reach down far enough to lock onto the bike. I had to fashion a spacer out of some handy sheet metal, drill some matching holes in it, and after about an hour it was working properly. A pisser, but I got er done. Third problem: Next I had the same problem with the rear seat section. Doh!?? It simply would NOT latch into place no matter how hard I pushed down on it. I spent a full 2 hours cutting and drilling spacers and never did make the latch long enough to reach to the locking mechanism. I had 1/8" of spacers and that was not enough compounded with the fact that I ran out of screw length.. What the f*@&?.


I called Corbin and told them what was happening and they nonchalantly informed me.. "this happens all the time" and that I should go buy longer screws and keep adding spacers.... I try to keep my cool and just tell the guy that for $1300+ I shouldn't have to do anything but sit my ass on it and ride and that I was shipping it back. I packed it up the same day and 3 day'ed in back to Kaleefornia. Cost $63. It's been 3 weeks now and have yet to see the tweaked part. But that's not the end of this weepy story. A few days after the anger had died down to Defcon 2, I decided to sit on the front seat section to see how it felt.. I immediately realized that it was NOT lowered as ordered. I measured and it was EXACTLY the same height as the stock seat.. 33 3/4" while on the center stand. Doh! After my 3rd call, I got another RA# and shipped the second section back at MY expense.. To make matters worse, they refused to either express ship the returned parts at their cost or refund the return shipping $$ to my card..!! OK.. $1300+ for the complete kit.. Return shipping charges for both pieces...$90+. My anger.. priceless.


The Ugly Truth: My initial impression of Corbin has not changed. I will continue to slam them to anyone that asks and for good reason. The fit to the bike of this godawful expensive product is/was poor and unforgivable. Their pricing is criminal. Have heard similar stories from other K1200S owners so my experience is not just a fluke. While the look of the seat is visually pleasing and it may actually be comfortable if I ever get to use it and the design of the Smuggler is stunning, there should be no issues with fit from a company that has been doing this for years. I am NOT impressed.. In fact.. I'm angry.. Can you tell? Will post a follow up as to how the seat actually performs if I ever get to use it..."


NOTE: This is not Jerry's complete review. That can be found here: http://piratesk12site.net/newsletter.htm


Did you have any similar issues? Did the parts seem as "finished" and did they fit as well as you anticipated for the money spent?




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