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Fogging visor


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Not sure if this is the correct forum to put this . The info may have been talked about before but learned a little trick with fogging visors last night and proved out this morning. The tip was to use one drop of dish washing liquid on the inside of your visor then polish / buff it in with a soft cloth or paper towel until you could see no distortion when holding it up to a light. I did the same thing with some glasses (older age forcing me to wear them in the dark morning rides to work). Normally I have problems as soon as I put the helmet on, both with the visor and glasses but this morning didn't have the first problem. Even tried to get it to fog up by blowing on the inside of the visor. Didn't know if other folks were or are having the same troubles I was so just thought I would pass this on. thumbsup.gif

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OK, I'm game. I'll try it and let you know. Not 'til this weekend when I get to ride.

What's the worst that can happen, a cleaner visor?

Thanks for the tip.

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Dish soap has worked better for me than all the other potions, snake oil, inserts and whatnot that I have tried EXCEPT for this:





That plus the dish soap trick = zero fogging and the joy of riding on cold winter days with the shield closed at all times.

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I have one. A pain to get fitted right. Took a couple of minutes in front of the mirror. I had to glue the velcro front piece to my chinbar.


It tends to pinch my nose a bit, so I sometimes breathe thru my mouth.


Worth the pain and effort. No fogging at all!



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I use the tried and true Fog-City shield liners. I have never had one fog up even when I've left my helmet sitting outside until it was painfully cold. I can ride in rain or sub freezing temperatures with no problems. Admittedly it rarely gets into single digits around Northern Virginia but I have gone for extended rides with the temps at 9 degrees and not had it fog.


Bonus; the newest one I have automatically darkens some. Helps take the edge off brilliant sunshine and at night it seems to have a yellowish tint that enhances contrast for me.


Just be sure to get your visor CLEAN and make sure to mount it low enough so it doesn't interfere with opening and closing the visor.



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