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Ohlin Seeping/Leaking

chris andre

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I have not been able to ride for 3+ months. The 2000 RT1100 sits on side stand connected to the battery tender. This is the longest ever just sitting for the RT. Today I discovered a puddle of oil under it that came from the rear Ohlin. The Ohlin has been on since 11/04 and has 12k.

Can I service it? If so how?


If not is it time to send it back for rebuild?


If it needs rebuild must I send it back or do local shops have the capability?


Any assistance appreciated.

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Your local dealer will send it back to an Ohlins distributor who should also be able to service the shock. Avoid trying to do anything yourself as specialist equipment is required for dismantling, reassembly and testing. The unit is nitrogen pressurised and cannot be recharged in the home garage.

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Same thing happened to me but with the front shock - puddle of oil on the floor. Sprung a leak after 12K miles. Since I sold my stock shocks I didn't have a spare so I bought a new one from Mr. Eds Moto. I plan to send the old blown shock to GP Suspension (http www.gpsuspension.com) and use it for a spare or maybe sell it. They were recommmended by Don Weber of Mr. Eds for Ohlins rebuilds.

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