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Hello, Guy

You might find these threads from the British BMW Club forum interesting.




It's early days yet for the Rider and I personally would go for a Garmin unit.

The 2720 is around $1200 here in the UK so I'm waiting till the price comes down a little before upgrading my SPIII.

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Go online, Amazon, Pricegrabber.com can always find Garmin 2610 and software under $600 or less. Bought mine $550 with rebate from Garmin last year. Tom-Tom can't be routed off PC, not upgradable. Garmin has always stood behind product and software.



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Can't comment on the "box bracket" but I love my new 2720! Adjusts quickly to light changes, easy to read in bright light, and talks to me.


Not sure about some of the routes which the GPS has selected, but I'm learning...



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Thanks, Brimoon. That was interesting.

It was a very "sad" review, comparing the Rider to the i5, when it should have been compared to the Quest 2 or 2610. The reviewer does admit that he had little experience with and was sceptical of GPS units - and it shows.

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I just purchased the Garmin 2730 (new model) for $910 shipped. As soon as I get it, supposed to be tomorrow or Thursday....I'll get you all feedback.

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