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Trans. oil for R1200RT ??


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What kind and weight and why? I've got Redline heavy on hand. Is it too heavy of a weight for the new trans??

It's vinter and I've just got to do some kind of work on the bike !!!! dopeslap.gif

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What kind - Brand name hypoid-gear lubricant


Weight - SAE 90 API GL 5


Why - Because that's what the service manual calls forgrin.gif


I know what you me about winter. I hate it because all I can do to the bikes is wrench and buy stuff and then wait until spring to ride and find out the stuff I bought really isn't what I want dopeslap.gif

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In my R1100RT I used the Redline Heavy oil. It did noticeably improve shifting, but got stiffer to shift on cold days. Now in the six speed R1150R I don't use it, because compared it shifts very nicely anyways. I personally would not use it in the R1200, they are nice shifters even with stock oil. I would use a 75/90 or 75/140 synthetic gear oil.

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Had dealer install BMW synthetic in my transmission at 6000 mile warranty check. Forget the weight at the moment. However, transmission shifts noticeably more smoothly with the synthetic, almost Suzukasaki-ish! thumbsup.gif

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Thanks for the reponses. 75w-90 syn. it is. Now if I look hard enough in the garage I might have some of that in stock too clap.gif. I always buy way too much of all the things I think I might need for the bike. Result is the lawn mower, snow blower and other assorted engine stuff here gets the drips and remains from the 1/2 qt bottles but it is the best money can buy. thumbsup.gif

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