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BMW-AF-XIED not just for Boxers


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If you've been following at all the thread in oilheads - Introduction and O2 Question - you will know what the device is all about. Its history, its development and the amount of effort Roger04RT has put into it are all there in the later stages of the thread. The short layman's version is the device allows you to set an Air/Fuel ratio using the stock O2 sensor to relatively specific values from 14.7:1 to 13.8:1 or more by setting a dial on the device. In conjunction with NightRider.com, the BMW-AF-XIED is now in production. I believe its also available at BeemerBoneyard.


Although originally developed for the R1150, my '02 K1200RS has the same O2 setup and Motronic computer version. So I asked Roger if it would work on my bike. After a brief discussion confirming that the OEM connectors were the same as the boxer engine and finding no reason that it wouldn't work, I ordered one.


The device arrived a few days ago. I finally had a chance to do the install yesterday. On a K1200RS the installation is absolutely painless. The O2 connector can be accessed by simply removing the seat. Although I also removed the lateral panel so I had lots of room to work and re-route and tie wrap cables. All you do is pull the O2 connector apart then plug the new connections in-line with the old ones. Route the integral extension cable to a convenient location to where you will mount the device, which for me was on top of the ABS. Plug the device into to the extension cable then connect the ground wire to the battery and you are done. Took all of 5 minutes.


The instructions indicate to remove power from the Motronic for 15 minutes and then do a TPS learn. But ... this was a case of "we don't need no steeenking instructions". I missed that part and simply fired up the bike. Lo and behold it runs. Simple to install and bike still works. This is good so far! Initial impressions just idling and blipping the throttle are that the rev up seems a bit stronger. Maybe wishful thinking at this point, but hey, the "wrist dyno" can't be wrong, right?


So, on to the first short test ride. It was pretty uneventful. The bike ran well, seemed more responsive at mid rpm levels and in general felt more "eager" to go than pre-device. It was hot yesterday and there are no real nice roads within 50 miles so it was a quick few miles to see that at least everything worked as well as pre-device and that there were no obvious bad behaviors.


A bit later some clouds helped cool off the direct sun, so off on a second spin. This time the mid rpm response improvement was quite noticeable. Accelerating hard, but short shifting, the bike responded excellently and better than before at each throttle roll on. First gear take off was also more responsive. Pre-device, the bike had exhibited a vibration/harshness right at idle. This was very noticeable when coming to a stop and rpm settled into idle range. I'd also experienced this on another K1200RS that I had test ridden, so I don't think mine was unusual. Post-device, the vibration is gone.


A third ride later confirmed the earlier impressions as the miles increased. The engine response is just better throughout the entire range but particularly low and mid rpm. I use the word "eager" because that's what it seems like.


The bike was not slow pre-device. And post-device the butt dyno says ... maybe a smidge faster, maybe not. The caveat here is that the device is only set to 14.15:1 (position #7). Position 8 richens up the mixture to 13.8:1. As well, I didn't purchase it on the promise of better 1/4 mile times. Regardless of acceleration differences, the drivability factor has gone up measurably. And yes, the measurement is subjective, but it truly is discernible. I'm going to run one tank of fuel on position #7 and then switch to #8 and see what the differences may be.


In conclusion, my initial impressions of the BMW-AF-XIED are extremely favorable. It's plug and play simple to install and it works right out of the box. What's not to like !!


When Roger and I first discussed putting the device on a K-bike, given it was unknown territory, Roger being the ultra nice guy he is said: “If it doesn’t work, just send it back.” Well, it’s a keeper.


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It would be nice to run a controlled study, but I believe I'll only be able to see gross variances initially. Several reasons ...

  • there's a bit more twist of the wrist testing the new toy :Cool:
  • I only plan to run 1 tank initially before switching to the richer setting.
  • I don't keep super accurate mileage records for aground town riding so not much to compare.

My gut says under normal driving that the #7 setting which is an approximate 4% richer A/F ratio might not affect the MPG all that much, maybe 1-2 mpg. But that truly is just a guess. Coming most recently from an R1100S, even loosing a couple mpg I'm still way ahead. The #8 setting at 6% obviously should show some greater effects.


I have a trip coming up in about 3 - 4 weeks which will give me a better opportunity to see what affect the device actually has on normal touring range. Its currently 105+ with scattered heavy T-Storms / wind forecast throughout the rest of the week, so riding opportunities will be limited.

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Interesting quibble ... I don't agree as its more of a fitment identifier, but you could follow up with Roger if you feel strongly about it.


Some additional review notes regarding mileage. On my Colorado trip running at a lot of "elevated" speeds and with a large windscreen in the up position, I averaged 40mpg with the device still in the #7 position. I have yet to try it with the richer setting. I've been completely happy as it is.

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Ride an 02 K1200RS with a RhineWest chip and slip on muffler change. It runs extremely well at all speeds. Wonder what the combo would do- don't see much room or need for improvement unlike the stock R bikes in the fleet..

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Just installed one yesterday on my 2011 R1200RT...


This is the bike BMW should have delivered! Better torque throughout the entire rpm range. Much smoother acceleration from idle all through to redline. Makes the bike feel much more nimble.


Plug and play installation after loosening the tupperware to get at the plugs for the wiring harness - totally removable if you want with no wire splices or anything like that.


Too early to tell how the MPG is...but at this point I don't care.

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