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Anybody add an aftermarket exhaust to their 12RT yet...


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I had a Laser exhaust and chip on my '04RT and loved the sound and performance kick it added.


Anybody change out their 12RT stock exhaust ???


Thoughts, make and results please.

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I had the Remus Revolution fitted 2 weeks ago- full system with removable inner pipe - if you want it louder.

I bought the Titanium finish and I think it looks great with the lighter Silver paintwork on my R12RT. Performance wise, it feels a little stronger above 4000rpm. Soundwise it sounds nice and throaty down low and gets louder above 5000rpm but never obtrusive. It is much louder with the tube removed and I don't like the sound either - just loud and no nice note with it.

Here in OZ it cost me $1,750 fitted which is about US$1,200.


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Just went 3450 miles with Remus Revolution Carbin...baffle in......Like the looks and the sound...not good enough to tell you about the performance...



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You get some mild performance increase and very tolerable noise level.


Got a dyno chart to demonstate the performance increase?

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