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Side cases for R 1100 RT


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I have 2 related questions for members of the forum related to side cases for the R 1100RT. First, I managed to partially break the inner case mount for the left side case (the mount through which the plastic pin secures the holding strap). The broken piece is missing and the mount looks sort of like a half-moon. Thus, the pin no longer will remain in the mount and the outer section of the case flops open. My first question is can anyone suggest a way of repairing this? Or am I stuck with buying a new case? Actually I am surprise at how flimsy the BMW side cases appear to be.


My second, related question is this. Is anyone familiar with adapting Pelican cases for use with the R1100RT? I know that this has been done with the GS but not so far as I can tell with the RT. The Pelicans may not be as pretty as the BMW side cases but they certainly look to be much more durable.


I'm a relatively new member of the forum and have really enjoyed and found very helpful the information and opinion exchange here.


Jim Fox

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Not really sure what you are asking from the description. Is there any way you could post a clear picture with some arrows and explanation? I have repaired one of my bags with a stainless-steel plate but it sounds like you are asking about reparing the mounting device. Is that correct?

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