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speedo cable


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Hi all, this is my first post to this forum so I will start by introducing myself. I'm from Belgium and live in the UK since February last year. When I moved here I decided I needed a bike to travel. there are so many places to visit here (lake distric, Cornwalls, Scotland, ..). So I sold my Duc 900ss and bought a RT1100. A totally different bike indead but I really like it because it does perfectly what it has been designed for: travelling far and fast in a very good level of confort. Handling is amazing too, and I like twins so surging is no issue to me.

Now I did something stupid this morning. When I was pushing my bike out of the garage, I realized too late I did not remove my Ulock. I managed to damage the plastic part that holds the speedo cable in place.

Can I just replace that part or do I have to replace the whole cable?

thanks in advance for any advice and king regards,


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If you are talking about the plastic piece that the Phillips screw passes through, it is part of the entire cable assembly, not available separately. I believe the part number for the complete cable is 62122306079.


Oh, and welcome to the board!

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Whereabouts in England are you? Anywhere near the North East?


You will have to change the whole speedo cable. Its not difficult. It can be done without removing any of the bodywork. I did it last year no problem.

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hi laurent

Welcome to the board it can be 1 of 2 cables pending the yeaar of manufacture. part no caa06079 or caa06269.

both available at motor works tele them on 0845 458 0077

they will over night deliver to you .

I hope this is of help to you if you are ever coming to south wales pm me we can ride out there are some great sights to see.

stay upright

derek thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif

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Thanks for your replies and for the warm welcome.

I live in Ascot (Surrey).

Derek, when I come to Cornwalls, I will send you a pm.

Many thanks and kind regards to all,


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