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KonTour seats


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I've had my KonTour seats for about 4 months & absolutely love them. Not only are they very comfortable (I just forget they are there), but are very attractive. They are the same shape as stock, which I prefer to the "tractor" like shape of other aftermarket seats. I also got the BakUp with the seat & it has the same material. Customer servcie was also great. I highly recomend them & would not hesitate to get them again. (On my GS, I had a Rick Mayer which was also very comfortable, but I personally did not like the seams (leakage & having to use a cover) & the appearance - I swtiched to a Bill Mayer, which has no seams - both excellent seats, but I much prefer the KonTour - only negative I can think of is the cost, but still think it's worth it).

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I have one. So far I am ambivalent about it. its more comfortable than stock, but it sure aint " Like buttah" as stated on the web site.


I DO feel the breeze coming through the material, thats going to be a big help in summer sweats.

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