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Where to locate Autocom on R1200GS


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My friend has a 1200GS and wants me to install and hardwire his Autocom. He is tired of having it in his pocket or running cables from the tankbag. My question is: Is there a place or cavity to locate the unit in the bike?


I've successfully installed Autocom units but only in R1150RTs. Any other hints you can offer are also appreciated.

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To take the tank off I have to cut the two wire ties, holding the Autocom itself in place. But I have left enough slack in the wires that run forward along side the tank, that I can let them draped down along side of the tank when I need to remove it. Basically the slack is normally coiled behind the silver side panel.


For power of this, and all my 'stuff' I have a separate fuse block installed. This is an early picture of the fuse block itself. It's a lot fuller now.




Below the fuse block sits a TPS-15 for the items I want switched on/off by the bike. It connects to the small terminal strip to the (bike's) left of the fuse panel in the above picture.




This diagram shows everything I have added to date. Sorry for the blurriness, smugmug seems to have a tough time with this type of 'picture'.



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