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Windshield options for R1200RT?


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Looking for input to windshield options for my 2005 R1200RT. Issues: OEM shield allows disturbence around my helmet unless it is in full up position. In this position however, I have a very pronounced push of wind pushing against my back. The larger of the two issues is the helmet noise/buffeting. Further note: I have 2" pull-backs on the RT - though I have leaned forward to gain the distance back with no positive results. I have seen this accessory called the LaminarLip (http://www.i-bike.com/store/prdBuy.cfm?prd=3819) and also the windscreen by Cee Bailey’s (http://www.ceebaileys.com/bmw/bmwr1200rtws.htm). These seem to be the most interesting of the limited number of options I have seen to date.



Has anyone used either of these?

Why did you choose the option you did?

Do you feel you still made the correct choice?

What other options are worth mentioning?

Any recommendations or comments?

On the LaminarLip - how do you clean under the lip??

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Go to the "Search" page. Type in +laminar +lip in Keyword search. Set your search for "newer than 1 year"


You will find out more than you ever wanted to know about the Laminar Lip.


I am very satisfied with mine.


Once the bugs have been softened with mildly soapy water I thread and then run a soft cloth back and forth under the tight spots.

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I have the Cee Bailey +3/+3 and when I raise it a little the buffeting is gone. It's quiet, (I wear ear plugs or in-ear speakers) I can see over the shield and my face shield will stay open. I'm 6'2" and have the seat in the high position.

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Aeroflow makes a good shield for the R12RT.. Comes in 2 or 3 heights and works great.. I'm using a 30" tall and have excellent coverage.. I'm 6'4".



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