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Weight loss program for 1150GS


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...and no more "baby farts" sound! When I bought my 2001 1150GS in late November 2005 it came with the stock exhaust system and a Two Brothers Racing exhaust. Until now it had been too cold (and I was too busy riding it!) to fool with swapping the stock exhaust for the Two Brothers. It was 57 degrees here in central Wyoming today, so I took the opportunity to take the stock system off and put the TBR system on.


Even though I've read about the weight difference, I was still taken by surprise when I popped the final bolt off the stocker.... Gawd! I weighed it, twenty-nine (29) pounds! That's almost 6% of the total weight of the motorcycle for crying out loud! The TBR y-pipe and can weighed in at eight (8) pounds, for a total weight loss of 21 pounds. The bike is now 4.2% lighter than stock. Since weight decrease improves the power to weight ratio, I now have considerably more power available in addition to more load-carrying capacity.






I've only ridden about 50 miles with the TBR pipe on and the bike certainly feels spunkier. I don't know yet whether the TBR pipe allows more peak horsepower or runs better or gets better gas mileage, but losing all that weight certainly hasn't hurt anything! The pipe is louder than the stock, of course, but not obnoxiously so (the former owner thought it was too loud so he had the funky little downspout thing fabricated; it might get hacksawed off soon). With my helmet on and earplugs screwed in it isn't bad at all. If I want quiet I'll ride my RT.


I'm still amazed at how heavy the stock cat and can are!


I've already noticed another down side to this pipe - it seems to have revived my youthful propensity for Hooliganism. I ran to the grocery store for some dinner ingredients last evening and found myself riding a little wheelie through the Safeway store parking lot.... Better cut that crap out, I don't need any Performance Awards!


It was pretty fun, though wink.gif.



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I too was surprised by the weight of the system when I removed mine for routine cleaning. A 4% reduction is significant in the overall weight of the bike. blush.gif

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" I too was surprised by the weight of the system when I removed mine for routine cleaning."


Routine Cleaning??? That's not routine, that's anal cleaning!!

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What's with that pipe? Looks like it needs Viagra!


I've said it before, but it bears repeating: There are a lot of out-of-work commedians frequenting this DB. grin.gif


The former owner had that little downspout thing welded on thinking it would be quieter, but I doubt it makes any difference at all. I agree it looks dorky and it's going to get hacksawed off ASAP.


Do you think Viagra in the fuel would increase horsepower?

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